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Noel McPherson Let's Take A Look Townsville

Pre purchase building and pest inspection – Let’s Take a Look is your residential and commercial building inspector in Townsville

Let’s Take a Look provides a quality pre purchase building and pest inspection for timber pests for the residential and commercial sectors across the greater Townsville region. Contact us for all your Pre purchase Building and Pest Inspection requirements, prior to making that big investment decision in commercial or residential property.

You get the benefit of our many years of experience in all facets of construction for both domestic and commercial construction across North Queensland. Obtaining a professional and honest building inspection from a fully licensed commercial building inspection company prior to purchasing a residential or commercial property can give you the clarity and confirmation you need to make your anticipated investment.

Our Townsville pre purchase building and pest inspection services for timber pests span not just Townsville and its surrounding suburbs, but also includes the nearby regional centres to Cardwell in the North, Bowen in the South and West to Charters Towers and Hughenden. For all your pre purchase building and pest inspection needs.

Let’s Take a Look offers a building inspection service that includes a range of in-depth, accurate & skilled assessment of properties and building structures for:

  • Pre purchase building and pest inspection for timber pests prior to purchasing new residential or commercial property

  • Townsville building and pest inspections assessments prior to auctions or purchases

  • Commercial building inspection services for building and pest inspection and/or condition Reports on existing properties

  • Dilapidation Reports

  • Site Condition Reports prior to rebuild works and large extensions

  • Maintenance Assessment Reports

  • Pool Barrier Compliance Inspections


Contact Let’s Take a Look to learn more about our building and pest inspection Townsville! We can give you the assurance you need to be confident in the soundness of your investment.

Learn more about Let’s Take a Look building and timber pest inspection services in detail for Townsville and rural regions!

About Let’s Take a Look building and pest inspection Townsville for timber pests

With an extensive career in both new and renovation builds in the North for over 30+ years as a QBCC licensed Builder, and 45+ years in building and construction in Australia, Noel McPherson has the knowledge to identify key building and timber pest maintenance issues in both residential dwellings & commercial properties so you are fully informed with our building inspection before and receive a detailed building and pest inspection report before making your next investment.

Noel's construction values are what gives him excellent commercial building inspection skills and allows him to produce a comprehensive pre purchase building and pest inspection for timber pests in Townsville:

  • Dedication - to meet the inspection agreement outlines regardless of access hurdles.

  • Professionalism - correct implementation of relevant legislation covering the industry.

  • Honesty - appraisals are based on experience and knowledge of the building industry, and his reputation is built on honesty, experience and transparency.

  • Quality - thorough the detailed inspection processes with informative reporting.

  • Individualism - Noel uses a combination of building experience, extensive professional development training, and intimate knowledge of the Construction processes and legislative guidelines so you get the full picture.


Noel combines all these values to offer every customer clarity and confirmation during the complex decision-making process of a property acquisition.


Building and pest inspection Townsville
Top reasons why you should have a building inspection done if you’re planning to buy a property in Townsville

It is critical that a thorough building and pest inspection in Townsville is carried out to identify any timber pests on any property that you might be interested in purchasing. You might think it's a poor investment of time and money to conduct a building inspection, but if you don't have a skilled and licensed commercial building inspector perform a comprehensive pre purchase building and pest inspection on the home, you could be in for some unpleasant surprises.

Let's have a look at the top three reasons why you should get a pre purchase building and pest inspection to identify any timber pests and any damage from a commercial building inspector before you buy a dwelling or specialised property.

1. Building inspection - check to see that the dwelling is structurally sound, and that it is safe for your family or tenants

It is essential that the property you buy is structurally sound as purchasing a home represents a significant financial commitment, if the home is not structurally sound, you might be buying a whole host of problems. Faulty construction evidence may indicate that there are flaws in the structure, which, if the structure partially or wholly collapses, may result in significant injuries. Conducting a building inspection and examining the building elements prior to the acquisition of the property can reveal any areas that may be unsafe due to the presence of asbestos or other potentially hazardous materials.

2. Adherence to Construction Industry rules and regulations for Townsville pre purchase building and pest inspections

If the house you're looking for wasn't constructed to code because of poor craftsmanship or unlawful construction, you will have to finance repairs/ rectification to Comply condition with the relevant codes, as required by the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Building Standards.

3. Building inspection for damage to the property and timber pest activity

During the building inspection, both the inside and outside of the house will be scrutinised in detail by a trained commercial building inspector, and Timber Pest professional. The foundations, roof space/ void, including any subfloor regions, and the roof surface where accessible are all examined in detail. In addition to the overview evaluation of the home's plumbing and electricity, the evaluation inspection also includes the doors, windows, and frames of the home. They will look for signs of water damage and high moisture, as well as any subterranean termites that may be present.

Contact Noel, a reputable commercial building inspector, for your pre purchase building and pest inspection to identify timber pests and building damage on your new property in Townsville today!

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