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Building pest Inspection services

Building and pest inspection on new property and commercial building pest inspection services

Our building and pest inspection on new property and commercial building pest inspection, for recently constructed and established homes, is an in-depth report that provides feedback on any structural damage and defect, as well as conditions that are conducive to structural damage. Your property purchase is important to us, and an honest professional building pest inspection with report before buying provides an appraisal of the current condition being vital to give you peace of mind in your planned forward actions. Let’s Take A Look can carry out a building pest inspection on all structures and look forward to providing clarity in the process and confirmation of the structure’s overall integrity. The price of a pre purchase building inspection starts from just $385 incl. GST. Learn more about Let's Take a Look.

Noel McPherson Let's Take A Look Townsville

Timber Building Pest Inspection

A pre purchase building inspection or commercial property inspection are vital for our region. Timber pest inspection involves a thorough visual check of the premises for the presence of termites, termite damage, decay fungi, and other wood-destroying organisms. Our professional inspector will be on the lookout for any signs of infestation, such as damaged timber, mudding tracks, or active termite presence during the building pest inspection. We will also look for poor conditions such as dampness and poor air circulation that might encourage termites to establish concealed access into your home. Our thorough building pest inspection and commercial property inspection services also start from $385 incl. GST. Learn more about our pre purchase building inspection.


Building and Pest Inspection on new property and building pest inspection on established property

Building pest inspection cover both aspects in a detailed comprehensive manner,  bringing together pre purchase building pest inspection information and timber pest inspection details covering concealed possible entry locations due to poor construction practices that may result/ detect the presence of termites and other timber pests as well as highlight any structural problems and modified building conditions that have created a high risk to the structure. We offer a building and pest inspection on new property, coupled with a building pest inspection for timber pests report. This captures the complete overall condition of your future home or investment property. This pre purchase building inspection service starts from $475 incl. GST.

Noel McPherson Let's Take A Look Townsville

Pool Inspection and obtaining a Pool Certification

We have years of experience and hundreds of pool inspections completed in the local area and pride ourselves on keeping Queensland kids safe. If you own a pool, the fence is vital it be in good condition and free of defects that could let your children or neighbourhood kids gain unsupervised access to your backyard pool. When a pool is reviewed by a pool safety inspector and found to meet the required Safety Codes, the owner of the pool will receive a pool certification that verifies the pool satisfies the requirements of the pool safety standard at the time of the inspection. An average pool barrier inspection including 2 gates costs $275 incl. GST and is carried out in accordance with the Standards and codes that govern the fence installation. If your pool requires further work prior to certification the second and additional inspections are at a flat rate cost of $190.00 incl. GST per visit.


Building Maintenance Report

During a building pest inspection, any significant building defects and maintenance concerns are located and analysed. A report including time frames and detailed information on scope of maintenance required is produced, which the owner can in instances with swift action save thousands of dollars by avoiding the need for more extensive repairs entirely. These assessments will detect problems so that they may be fixed in a suitable timeframe based on potential for further damage, thereby preventing the structure or property in question from deteriorating any further. The pre purchase building inspection and additional maintenance report work hand in hand, and provides you a list of items needing both immediate maintenance and ongoing regular maintenance on the dwelling, with time frames and work scopes of what needs to be done. The cost of this service starts from $385 incl. GST for a maintenance report on standards sized dwelling. Learn more about our Building Maintenance Inspection and Reports.


Dilapidation Reports

It is very wise practise to complete a thorough dilapidation assessment on a building prior to any substantial renovations being done on your structure or nearby buildings/ properties which can/ could impact your property. The report documents your building's current state before the development begins, giving you solid evidence produced by a building professional prior to any work commencing if you need to claim damages were recorded conditions highlight damage caused by the Builders work or neighbouring construction work impacting your site. Our dilapidation reports are customised for your specific situation, so please contact Let’s Take A Look for an accurate Quote to cover the extent of recording that is best going to cover the site and adjacent areas that need documentation before you get underway.


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If you have a residential building pest inspection or commercial building inspection coming up, look no further. We are your local building & timber pest inspection professionals with decades of experience as builders and with pre purchase building inspection. We’d love to help you realise your planned future project.


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