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New house building inspection and building condition report 

One of the most daunting aspects of purchasing property in Townsville are the new home inspections and the process of purchasing a house. This is true for everyone who now owns property in Townsville or plans to do so in the future. How can you be sure of the sort of real estate you are purchasing in the highly competitive Townsville real estate market? How are you able to ensure that there are no unseen issues, such as termites, wood rot, water damage, collapsing foundations, or low-quality construction? What should you do, considering that the prior homeowner might not even be aware that things are there? We're here to help and offer new home inspections and a building condition report with our services.

Because there is no legal duty for a property vendor to disclose construction flaws, homes are purchased in a buyer beware market. New home building inspections can protect property purchasers against investing in fault-ridden buildings. As qualified building and timber pest inspectors, Let's Take a Look will conduct new home inspections and will then do a building condition report on the property. This will enable you to make an informed decision and will offer you peace of mind.

Let's Take a Look is here to help you. Get in contact with us,so we can carry out a comprehensive and thorough new house building inspection and building condition report for you.

Single dwelling or unit new home inspections

New home building inspections to a single dwelling or unit start from $385 inc GST and include a new house building inspection and a written building condition report all carried out to Australian Standard parameters and guidelines as detailed in AS-4349.1. Contact us for a free quote confirmation when you’re ready to take the next step. A combination of a new house building inspection and a building condition report includes a Timber Pest Inspection which is recommended under normal conditions on an annual basis, as Termites are constantly present/ active and looking for food.

New home building inspections with a timber pest inspection to a single dwelling or unit from $475 inc GST. A new house building inspection to all accessible areas and written building condition report on completion are carried out for Aus Standards- Building 4349.1 and for the Timber Pest inspection AS-4349.3. It is highly recommended that both reports be completed prior to purchase in North Queensland.

What happens during a typical new house building inspection?

The general structure of the property, as well as its current state, will be inspected in detail by our professional building inspectors. They will do new home inspections on the outside as well as the interior walls and roofing, as well as below the home and all around the perimeter.  To identify any potential issues inside the structure, an examination of the ceilings and floors is performed on the interior. They will next proceed with the examination outdoors, where they will search for any flaws in your driveways, garden sheds, fences, and any other buildings that are located outside.

Contact Let’s Take a Look now if you’re looking for a new house building inspection and building condition report!

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Extensions and modifications building condition report

Extensions and modifications to existing dwellings can impart additional loads on buildings and impact on neighbour’s properties from fire spread. Local Authority requirements are developed from past history of the area, and research into outcomes using facilities and university trials on effects to urban and rural area structures. Townsville is in the centre of the Cyclone Region and every year in the summer months there is a chance that a large storm can impact the area. Understanding best practice construction is our job and keeping up to date with changers to construction requirements is our focus. All additional structures need to be capable of meeting tie-down requirements, so they don’t become hazards themselves in a storm.


Get a detailed building condition report from us

We will provide you a comprehensive assessment and condition building report that outlines any large and small flaws as well as any possible problems that may be contained within the report after a new house building inspection. As a result, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the state of the property and will be able to steer clear of any unanswered questions as a buyer of the property. Ageing combined with wear and tear on components and fixings requires ongoing maintenance and repair. A building condition report is designed to provide confirmation of condition after new home building inspections and prior to sale, and clarity in what is important to be mindful of in the proposed purchase. All dwellings are ageing, and the process never stops. Knowing what is important is exactly what we can provide, with our new house building inspection and building condition report. As a dedicated trade hardened builder, with a lifetime of knowledge and understanding of construction methods, we can give you an individual insight to the building you are hoping to call your own in this stunning part of Australia.

To provide you with total piece of mind, we strongly suggest that you obtain a combined building and pest inspection. We are your local pre-purchase and building inspection professionals. Learn more about Let’s Take a Look.

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