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Building and pest inspection Townsville – We offer professional & efficient House and Timber Pest Inspection Services

When seeking to buy a new home in Australia, it is essential to undergo a combined building and pest inspection to check for any evidence of termite activity or damage. This may be done by a professional inspector. A house and timber pest inspection on building structures is vital for our region. The pre purchase pest inspection is looking for Active Termites, workings, and indications that termites are on the property, and any existing damage to structures from previous attack. This service starts from $475 incl. GST.

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Noel McPherson Let's Take A Look Townsville

Termites can use any surface to gain access, even treated timber products and non-edible materials. Decayed timber does encourage activity as it contains both food and moisture which is key to Termite survival. Activity is different in all species and nest building and areas found can help identify the likely Termite causing the damage. They are also a vital part of the ecosystem and are needed to help break down timber and cellulose materials back into the soil. We have all seen large mud nests in rural areas where their activity is a part of the life cycle, with some nests being enormous structures built over decades. Termites that cause damage to structures are known as Sub-terranean Termites, and as such must have direct unbroken contact to the soil. This fortunately allows inspection for access and egress, and treatment to eradicate not just the termites but also ultimately the Termite nest using chemicals designed to adhere to the termites as they return to the nest.

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How much is a building and pest inspection?

Building and pest Inspections to a single dwelling or Unit start from $475 incl. GST and include a building inspection and pest control and a written report all carried out to Australian Standard parameters and guidelines as detailed in AS-4349.3

Call for a free quote confirmation and arrange a when you’re ready to talk. Combined with a building inspection and pest control to complete a thorough health check on your new planned acquisition, you can move forward knowing you have clarity and confirmation for your hard-earned savings investment. Building and pest inspection to a single dwelling or unit start from $475 incl. GST. The simple things count to protect your home, remember constant moisture + timber decay can place a calling card for Termites. Ground contact that allows concealed activity and protection cover for the termites constructing their access pathways is how they quietly move into your building and proceed to cause damage without you suspecting their presence.’

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How can I prevent a termite infestation from happening?

Downpipes and wood are two major entry points for termites when they invade residential structures. When it rains, water makes its way down the roof to the gutters, and from there it flows down the downspouts and onto the ground cover below. The ground cover is what collects the water and ensures that the area stays damp. This is beneficial not only to your plants and shrubs, but also to the termites in the area. By collecting all water source and send to drains, this prevents high moisture in and around the base of your structure.


Since termites are drawn to rotting and moist wood, the increased likelihood of the property being attacked by termites is a direct result of this condition. Termites can be prevented from infesting a house by removing or repairing any deteriorating or damaged timbers that may be present.

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Noel McPherson Let's Take A Look Townsville

To provide you with total piece of mind and to discover any potential unseen issues with the building, we strongly encourage you to obtain a house and timber pest inspection. We are your local pre purchase pest inspection professionals. Learn more about Let’s Take a Look.

Why is a building and timber pest inspection important?

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