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Building maintenance report

Here at Lets Take A Look we offer a follow up building maintenance report, also known as property condition report, if you do go ahead with your purchase from the pre-purchase inspection on your chosen property.

A building maintenance report gives you a list of items needing both immediate maintenance and ongoing regular maintenance on the dwelling. With time frames and details of what needs to be done.


Dwellings need and require an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure corrosion,decay and ageing are prevented. A well-maintained house will be an asset and hold its $ value and appeal into the future. Commercial Properties require Sinking Fund assessments that clearly set out items to be considered and completed at intervals to ensure the property is in a quality safe condition and which advises the Body Corporate members of what is important to be included in consideration to hold the property’s value. The same principals and information detailed/ compiled for your home, in a building maintenance report, can help you to plan and spread the cost of repairs and maintenance across a number of years.


A building maintenance report can assist you with early intervention, which can help you prevent structural damage and greatly increased repair costs. Roofing maintenance is vital to protect the structure beneath and stay intact in Cyclone conditions. Maintenance is ongoing and starts with washing the surface on a regular basis to remove contaminates and prevents build up of chemicals that can allow corrosion to get a foot hold. Be as prepared as you can with our building maintenance report.

New additions such as timber decks which can take considerable investment need regular ongoing care to keep them looking good but also to prevent Termite attack in areas now concealed from view.


Maintenance and regular inspection access is vital for longevity. Our building maintenance report will help you stay on track with any maintenance and improvements your newly purchased building might need.

The older properties have charm and character, but they take continuous maintenance to achieve the quality that is the charm and ambience of the stunning craftmanship in such homes.

Noel McPherson Let's Take A Look Townsville

Lets Take A look can produce a building maintenance report for your dwelling so you have a framework of key items to maintain but also improvement options that protect your investment and add value by reducing damage through poor design. Cost start at $385 inc GST for a building maintenance report on a standard dwelling but please call to receive an accurate building maintenance report quotation on your specific situation and dwelling.

We are your local pre-purchase and building inspection professionals. Learn more about us and our home inspection and building maintenance report services.

Noel McPherson Let's Take A Look Townsville
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