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Pool Inspections

Pool ownership is a great responsibility and hard work. If the water is deeper than 300mm it must have a fenced barrier to 100% of the perimeter and gate entry must be auto closing with catches to prevent accidental non closure and small children from opening.


The Queensland Government requires all pool fences be registered and hold a current pool certificate for compliance and safety. For domestic homes that means upon sale it must be inspected to comply with the Australian Standard 1926 Part 1 & 2 and the QDC MP3.4 Shared pools require annual inspection and compliance.

These are in-depth Standards and codes that attempt to cover the mirid of layouts and landscape conditions that can arise from pool installation and property layout.

We have years of experience and hundreds of pool inspections completed in the local area and pride ourselves on keeping Queensland kids safe. If you own a pool the fence enclosure is vital it be in good condition and free of defects/ damage that could let your children or neighborhood kids able to gain unsupervised access to your backyard pool.

An average pool barrier inspection including 2 gates costs $275 inc GST and is carried out in accordance with the Standards and codes that govern the fence installation. If compliant the inspected barrier will receive a form 23 to confirm that it was compliant at the time of inspection and the associated fee has been paid to the QBCC.


Pool ownership should be relaxing and safe.


Contact us at LETS TAKE A LOOK and let us give you Clarity in the compliance of your pool fence and Confirmation of compliance via the certificate issued for your pool.

If your current barrier does not meet the standards requirements on the day, you have 3 months to rectify before the second inspection must be carried out. We are here to help and provide practical advice on the most cost-effective methods to ensure the pool fence does what it is required to do and keep unsupervised kids out of the pool in your absence.

Additional pool barrier Inspections cost $190 inc GST and re-look at the issues that caused previous non- compliance, and also reinspect the entire barrier and site conditions.

We are your local pre-purchase and building inspection professionals. Learn more about Let’s Take a Look.

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